I am Elaine Hayes. 

I was born in Illinois, but moved to Iowa to go to school, (Cornell College) and have been here since 1984!   Well, there was that one really weird year in Sioux Falls, South Dakota……

I have a daughter.  She’s 14 1/2 and I think you can probably guess how that’s going.

The Iowa City area is probably one of the best places to live and work and raise a family.  It’s not too big, but it’s progressive and diverse and has good restaurants. 

I decided to follow my dream of becoming a librarian after my daughter started pre-school.  I started as a part-time library assistant in 2001.  I’ve been a library assistant, assistant children’s librarian, youth and teen services librarian, and now I’m in my current role as Adult Services Librarian.  Obtained my MLIS degree from the U of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2007.  I did my degree completely online and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!

I love to read, cook, and drink wine.  And mess around on Facebook.  I’m addicted to Words with Friends.

I am also obsessed with our two cats, Angel and Leo.