I’m incredibly angry and upset about TOI (The Orange Idiot) and his executive order barring people admittance to the U.S. from 7 countries that are strongly Muslim and could possibly be harboring terrorists.

Although the several countries in the middle east that were not on the list are the countries where terrorists have come from that have hurt U.S. citizens.  But TOI has business dealings there.  Huh

And the 7 countries currently barred have not generated any terrorists that have killed Americans.

Apparently TOI has forgotten that ALL Americans are either immigrants or descended from immigrants.  Including himself.

Everyone who is American is from another country.  EVERYONE.  Whether that was a year ago or 300 hundred years ago.  We are all immigrants.  America is a melting pot of people from all over the world.  Last I checked, that was one of the reasons why America is an exceptional country.

Personally, I am of two extremes.  My mother is an immigrant.  My father’s family has been here for hundreds of years.  I am half first generation and half been here since before the Revolutionary War.

I’m incredibly proud of both sides of me.  But, regardless, both sides were immigrants at some point.

We need to remember that.