Cornell friends, you get this.  You run into a friend from Cornell that you haven’t seen in months, years, decades, and you talk like no time has passed.


You meet someone for the first time, and because of age differences (because Cornell is small and you pretty much knew everyone when you were there), you both discover that you’re Cornellians!  And then you talk like you’re old friends.

If you are with non-Cornellians when this happens, they tend to look at you like you might be a little crazy.

I made a very cool new connection today, and as soon as we discovered we both graduated from Cornell, the emails back and forth just exploded.

Earlier this year, I was at KXIC radio, waiting to do a radio spot, accompanied by another librarian.  The mayor of Cedar Rapids walked by, and I said hi to him, introduced myself, and explained I was a Cornell alum, too.  He just started talking to me like he knew me and we stood and chatted for maybe 10 minutes.

My coworker looked at me like I was crazy.

I told her it was a Cornell thing. 🙂