It’s a little late in the season, but there’s a tornado watch this afternoon/evening.  I’m such a weather geek.  It all fascinates me, especially weather extremes.

This wasn’t always the case.

As a little girl, I was terrified of tornadoes.  TERRIFIED.  I had dreams they were chasing me.  Perhaps the result of watching The Wizard of Oz?  Or perhaps because we didn’t have a basement, so if there was a tornado warning, we had to go next door to my godmother’s house, or across the street to my best friend’s house.  This meant we had to go OUTSIDE where there could be a tornado, lurking behind the house, just waiting to get me.

When a tornado watch was issued, I couldn’t understand why my parents weren’t scared.  They kept an eye on the weather, of course, but they were so calm.  I, however, packed a grocery bag full of my most prized possessions, especially my teddy bear, and put it by the front door, in case we had to bolt.

I was prepared.

I’m still a worry wart, but I’m no longer afraid of tornadoes.  Now,  I’m fascinated by weather and I’m the idiot who goes outside to look at the sky when things turn ominous.  One extreme or the other, I guess!