Two great loves of mine: books and baseball.  Specifically, Chicago Cubs baseball.  Books, any and all.

Two days until Dewey’s 24hourreadathon!!!!!!!!  My Saturday will be all about books and reading and snacks.  This will be my 2nd readathon.  I didn’t make the full 24 hours then, and I don’t expect to this time, but that is ok.  The thought of devoting an entire day to reading is fabulous.  No chores, no errands.  Just reading what I want and enjoying some delicious snacks.  The weather should be great so I can read out on the porch!

I am an unapologetic baseball nut. Specifically, Chicago Cubs.  I know, I know.  Long-suffering.  Cubs fans are a special breed of fan.  We are patient, forgiving, and eternally optimistic.  A special kind of people.

Tonight my plan is to watch the current Cubs game and create my TBR pile for the readathon.  It may be a combination of new and rereads.  Nothing heavy to slog through, but satisfying.  It may include books I’m reading now and almost finished, and books I read years ago that I’ve always wanted to read again.

I’m very much a mood reader.  I have to be “in the mood” to read something or I can’t do it.  I guess that means I’ve NEVER been in the mood for Jane Austen.  As much as I’ve tried….

Anyone going to join me for the readathon?  It’s going to be awesome!!!!!