And learning to shrug things off.  And count my blessings.  Show gratitude to the universe for the blessings in my life.

Why do we always focus on the things that go sour?  Ok, why do I always focus on the things that go sour?

I saw plenty of warning signs.  Anger, hostility toward others, blatant racism.  Why did I feel this person was necessary in my life?  Probably because I didn’t want to think badly of someone, especially someone I considered a good friend.  But I saw this person lose their temper at their husband, their kids, and it wasn’t nice at all.  And you know that little voice that tells you to get out, heed, warning, Danger Will Robinson?  I heard it.  And ignored it.

And then when I needed support from this person, I got nada.  And was hurt and said so, and have since been shunned.

So, learning to shrug it off.  Tuning in to that little voice that tells me that I’m ok.  That I have an amazing family, great friends, a job that challenges me, and I live in a wonderful place that makes me happy.

It’s all gonna be ok.