Okey doke – I’ve now opened my blog to the universe.  Time to start blogging in earnest.

I’m reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.  If you’ve never read anything by Bill Bryson, drop what you’re doing and find one of his books.  He is smart, very funny, and insightful.  A Walk in the Woods is his account of hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Kinda makes me want to walk it.  Or some of it, anyway.  But no bears, please.

Today is definitely an inside kind of day.  The wind is crazy, and very much a “By God, the Wind!” kind of day.  Prof. Stephen Lacey, one of the most wonderful professors I ever had, was our guide/mentor/sage on the 1987 Cornell trip to England.

Traveling with Stephen was amazing and enlightening.  And hilarious.  As he was about to march off the bus at our stop in North Yorkshire, on an incredibly windy day, he wrapped his scarf around his neck, announced to us all dramatically, “By God, the Wind!” and off he went.

I think of him on every windy day.  Thank you, Stephen.