I survived February!  And no meltdowns, crabbiness, or bad tempers.  There was even an extra day this year, too.  Thanks, Leap Year.  I celebrated by taking Leap Day off.

THAT was a good choice.

I feel a sense of relief that we’ve made it into March.  Spring is close, and if we get any snow or cold, it won’t last too long (hopefully and knock on wood).

Last weekend I had a major movie binge to prep for the Oscars.  Five movies in 2 days.  I’m a little movied out, now, but it really helped to enjoy the event more than I have in the past, when I’ve been lucky to see one or two of the movies.

This weekend will be more about the BOOK.  I’m currently reading One More Day, by Kelly Simmons.  It’s the story of a woman who has lost her son (kidnapping?) and after missing for a year, he shows up in his crib, but disappears 24 hours later.  She has other strange visitors and is a suspect in her son’s disappearance.  I have NO idea how it’s going to end and I have a feeling I will be up late tonight finishing it.

I don’t know what I’ll read next.  Any suggestions?

Oh, yes.  And the series finale of Downton Abbey….