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February 2016

Still going to plan

No reading slump in sight, at least so far, for 2016.  I’ve finished 10 books as of February 23rd!  Working on #11.

When reading is joyful, that joy ekes out into the other corners of my life.

I hate February.  If you know me at all, you know February is my “grumpy Eeyore month.”  I can’t help it.  I’ve had some particularly rough Februarys in the past.

What is the plural of February? Februarys?  Februaries?

This February, though, I am trying my damnedest not to let it get to me.  I think I’m winning so far!  Just a week left.  The weather has definitely been helping.  I think deciding to have a good attitude has been the biggest help of all.

I’m going to be doing the 24 hour readathon again.  This one is in April.  When I did my first readathon in October, I found out about it just days before and didn’t have much time to plan what books I wanted to read.  For April’s readathon, I’m already working it out.  The thought of a Harry Potter reading binge is extremely appealing.  There’s something about this idea of binge reading that makes me want to reread favorites, which is what I did in October.  Seems like the perfect time to enjoy old favorites.  I always feel a little bit guilty about rereading when there are so many new books out there!


I’m not doing well…

at this blogging thing!  I was very excited to start this blog and be consistent in writing, but I haven’t posted a thing since the Readathon in October.

I think the biggest challenge was that I was in the middle of a horrible reading slump.  HORRIBLE.  It started when I moved houses and really kept up through the end of the year.  I don’t think I even finished 5 books between August and December, including the Readathon reads, which were all rereads.  It was not good.

And then, like magic, the reading bug infected me again and I’m just inhaling books now!  Right after the new year, I just found my reading rhythm.  Feels good.  And it’s a relief.  Those reading slumps are unnerving.

So far, I believe I’ve read 8 books this year, and I’m also doing Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge.  I hope the Challenge motivates me to pick up books I might not otherwise.

Here’s to a great year of books, reading, and talking about books!

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