I am home from the Iowa Library Association Conference.  This was my fourteenth straight conference. I’ve gone every year since 2002.  As always, it is amazing to reconnect with librarians across the state, see friends, and make new ones.

This morning I was sitting in the final breakout session for the day with a friend from the Iowa City Public Library.  I saw a former coworker and friend who I haven’t seen since last year, and we hugged and stood and chatted furiously until the session started.  When I sat back down, my friend from Iowa City said, “Who don’t you know?”  And I chuckled to myself, remembering that’s how I used to feel when I’d only been going to these conferences for a couple of years.

It felt good.

Now I’m home and recuperating from a busy three days and a late night last night, hanging out with librarians and this morning’s keynote speaker.  Tonight I’ll relax, watch a little tv, and prep for tomorrow’s 24 hour readathon!  I’ve never done this before and I’m very excited.  I don’t expect to stay up a full 24 hours doing nothing but reading, but I’m definitely devoting my day to reading.  I need to choose the books for my readathon pile.  Should I read all new books?  Should I devote the day to the books I always want to reread but feel guilty doing so with all the new books out there begging to be read?  A mixture?

A delicious quandary.

Stay tuned for all things bookish and readingish!