I completely forgot I ever started this blog!  I was logging in to post on another writer’s blog, and lo and behold, I was asked to log in to WordPress, and I remembered I started this blog 3 years ago and never did anything with it!

Perhaps it’s time!  I love to write, I love to read, and I’m still a librarian.  Really, it’s the only thing that has ever made sense to me, occupationally.  It’s a vocation.

I have a Facebook page, Iowa Girl Reads, and I have fun with that when I have time to post.  You should look for me there, and I’ll try to post there and here about books I’m reading, life as a librarian, and life in Iowa in general.  And I looooooove to cook.

I just moved to a cute little house in Iowa City.  It’s about 100 years old and in an historical neighborhood.  I love it so much.